Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What do you do when no encouragement comes?

As you know I've been on this fitness journey for about 14 months. I've created a special blog to keep up with the achievements and lack of achievements. It's a very detailed virtual journey that chronicles a path from Virginia Beach, VA to Eureka, CA. That's a total of 3233 miles to be exact. When I set up the journey, I envisioned many readers who needed the same fitness journey and would be excited to step in beside me along the way. I was truly excited with the prospects of having a small army of fellow fitness seekers tallying up their miles and reporting their accomplishments. Did that happen? No, not yet, Oh, I've had lots of well wishers. I've had lots of admirers. I've even had lots of dreamers...but no takers. At first it was disappointing and a little deflating that I would be on this journey alone and out on the virtual road to my fitness goals. I have encouraged a few people to set up their own fitness journey; I'm so happy that I have influenced them to make a healthy decision for their well-being.

So in light of the fact that no one has ever taken me up on the invitation to join me, I have had to provide my own encouragement and be my own cheerleader. Basically this amounts to having to grab myself by the scruff of the collar and tell myself. Why did you embark on this journey? Was it for some gooey words of adoration from the readers of my blog? Was it so I could get all puffed up with each and every segment of the journey being completed? No. The answer has become a resounding no! I came on this journey so I could become a strong senior woman who doesn't faint when physical tasks seem daunting. I came on this journey because I needed it. Accolades won't do me any good. And foremost, I will have to encourage and fortify my lackluster determination when no one knows what I am doing. So the answer to the question of where does my encouragement come from...it must come from within and nowhere else. And ultimately I must be wholeheartedly determined that I am doing this for all the right reasons and outcome. So be it!

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