Saturday, June 26, 2010

What is devotion?

When I go out in the mornings to run my errands, I am witness to a site that you would never expect to see.  It is a man, probably in his late 70's in shorts, shirt and a wide-brimmed white hat.  He is jogging on the sidewalk pushing a woman in a wheel chair.  It is a portable wheel chair with small wheels on it; and she is also wearing a wide-brimmed white hat to keep the bright morning sun off of her face.  When I first see them it is between 9:30 and 10am.  He's moving at a pretty good clip for a man his age and for pushing a woman in a wheel chair.  This is not the first time I have seen them.  I have witnessed this site on numerous occasions.  But yesterday was different.  When I have seen him previously, he was at a different location.  Today he was almost two miles further than that.  I thought to myself:  what devotion he has to this woman to take her out for such long distances.  I am guessing that the woman is his wife.  I am guessing by the route that he takes that they may have come from the nursing home back down the road where I usually see him.  I can't imagine how much energy it takes for him to do this.  All I know is that this man is devoted to taking her out into the fresh air and sunshine and allowing her to be enjoying the walking path as other walkers and joggers do.  I sense that he is allowing her the freedom to be out and about taking in the outside world.  My heart becomes overwhelmed at his display of devotion to her...and yet overwhelmed by the sad fact that there are myriads of others who are unable to get out and enjoy what she is experiencing.  He is a hero in my eyes.  He exemplifies devotion.  The dictionary defines devotion as a profound dedication and consecration.  He fits that word wholeheartedly.  I hope one day I can be at a place on the street where I can pull over and speak to the couple and find out more about their lives and what holds their lives together.  I expect I will find a deep love that binds them regardless of where their station in life has brought them.

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